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Monthly digital publication

Enable good mental health for a productive and engaged workforce! The Mental Health Adviser publication will help you meet your duty of care for your employees’ mental health and ensure you are managing every situation correctly and legally. Written by mental health and wellbeing experts Jackie Le Poidevin and Carolyn Dukes, each issue will provide practical support and in-depth advice to help you:

  • Protect your workers to prevent both physical and psychological injury.

  • Meet your legal duty of care and comply with employment law and occupational health and safety legislation.
  • Protect your business and reduce your risk of receiving expensive personal injury and negligence claims and time-consuming employment tribunals.
  • Train your line managers to handle complex and sensitive HR situations correctly and by the book.
  • Reduce sickness absence and increase productivity through a mentally healthy workforce.
  • Risk assess your workplace to reduce employees’ stress and promote good mental health and wellbeing.
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Unlimited access to the Online Resource Centre

Free up your time with documents you can trust! As part of your subscription you have exclusive, unlimited access to the Online Resource Centre where you can download and customise policies and procedures, checklists, risk assessments and training presentations to use immediately.

Each professionally drafted document has been prepared by our team of employment law and occupational health & safety experts, so you can trust that you’re acting correctly and are doing all the right things to protect your employees – and your business.

Recent documents include:

  • Mental Health Risk Assessment
  • Covid-19 Mental Health Checklist
  • Warning Signs of Mental Ill Health Checklist
  • Mental Health Discussion Openers Checklist
  • Violence at Work Toolbox Talk
  • Stress Management Checklist, and much, much more.
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Free 1:1 support via the Experts Email Helpdesk

Get support to help you manage any mental health issue positively – and correctly! Do you have an underperforming employee but you’re not sure whether the problem is down to capability or an underlying mental health issue? Or do you need to make the person redundant, but are worried of falling foul of discrimination law? As part of your service, not only do you have access to HR and occupational health & safety experts, but you can also call on specialists in the areas of risk assessment and payroll.

Whatever your question, we’re here to help. All questions sent to the Ask the Experts Email Helpdesk are answered within 48 hours.

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Ask the Experts Update Emails

Bringing you the very latest changes in employment law, health & safety and payroll. You will receive a regular fortnightly email and can be assured that when business-critical news breaks, we’ll bring this to you as soon as it happens.
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Free Mental Health Toolkit for Line Managers with your 30-day Free Trial

Receive your free download to help line managers manage their staff’s complex and sensitive mental health issues positively, improving staff engagement, productivity and happiness.

Your 17-piece toolkit will help your line managers to:

  • Spot the early warning signs of poor mental health.
  • Start sensitive conversations about mental health with employees.
  • Manage homeworkers more effectively, especially if staff are working from home due to Covid-19.
  • Identify potential bullying and proactively deal with the bullies.
  • Help your employee get back to work with a support plan.

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